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The museum covers more than 2,000 square meters. Our goal is to show the period design, but the exposition also brings the atmosphere and the overall characteristics of the time. We want to achieve this by showing living, dressing, eating and examples of how free time was spent at the time. So you can look forward to all the icons of the seventies and eighties - from siphons and string bags through the yellow portable Tesla radio, “Céčka“ and Emgeton recorders to typical furniture from UP Rousínov or Hikor Písek. This is complemented by a unique collection of tape recorders from the 80's, which was kindly lent to us by their passionate collector Matěj Ruppert from the Monkey Business band.

The exposition is divided into fifteen thematic areas, mapping everyday life, design and trends in Czechoslovakia in a non-traditional way. Replicas of prefabricated flats are made in the main part of the exhibition. You can touch the classic Umakarta bathroom core, sit on the couch that almost every family had, and remember in the children's room, where you will certainly find at least a piece of your youth - or at least the youth of your parents. The real original kitchens are situated here, including all Tesla appliances and daily necessities, fully furnished living rooms, bedrooms and an announced children's room full of mončičák toys, collections of “Céčka“ and Merkur kits.

Other expositions offer demonstrations of period electrical engineering and also an excursion to the best of clothing from Elite, Úbok or Svit companies. At the same time, we are dedicating to everyday life and lifestyle in what was then Czechoslovakia. Look forward to a show of work coats, overalls or aprons. We will take you to a period administrative office, where the secretary just ran away for lunch. And there is also the old familiar woman behind the counter from TV series.

The installation also captures the typical interests and phenomena of the time, such as model making, collecting or the well-known cottage activity. We also present furniture manufacturing cooperatives such as UP Rousínov, Hikor Písek or Dřevotvar from Jablonné nad Orlicí.

Visitors can look under the cover of period propaganda and, for example, touch the unique listening devices they used at the Yalta Hotel in Prague.

Are you more attracted to the collection of costumes of popular singers? All the girls from our kindergarten will definitely enjoy it…

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