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Social events in the premises of the Retro Museum in Prague and OD Kotva

The most famous building of the brutalist style by the Machonins, registered as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic, is currently definitely not just for decoration, but is actively used. The space, which combines business and culture with architecture, offers guests a visit to a museum, restaurant or bar and is also an ideal rental space for your corporate and private social events.


Those interested can use the space on the fifth floor for this purpose, where the Retro Museum in Prague is located. It is normally open as a design exposition 70. a 80. years of the 20th century, however, in accordance with all other parts of OD Kotva, we also provide it for event events. We even provide entire turnkey events, including the possibility of costumed corporate parties, family celebrations and team building. But it is also possible to rent the space itself. The spacious rooms on the fifth floor of the building, whose interior has undergone a sensitive renovation in recent years, will delight you with their minimalist design and airiness.

For smaller events, only part of the museum can be used, with a capacity of up to 100 people, which is ideal for Christmas parties and corporate events. The total capacity of the museum is 350 people.


OD Kotva is one of the most fundamental buildings of Prague's pre-revolutionary architecture and is also the right choice for all clients who love design.

For a tour of the premises

and find out the rental conditions, contact:

Robert Vůjtek:

+420 604 438 010

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