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Retro Museum Prague and Dancing House Gallery

announces a national collection of period objects

from the 70s and 80s of the 20th century


The aim of the Dancing House Gallery is to keep objects from the socialist period in good condition for future years and with their help to preserve the spirit of that time and all the paradoxes that belonged to it. The gallery therefore calls on the public to donate or lend long-term items from the 1970s and 1980s, both unique and everyday items made in Czechoslovakia.


A depository is created in the gallery for this purpose. Objects in good condition from this historically recent period are disappearing very quickly and are in danger of disappearing completely over time. These are often unused things that many nostalgia people have hidden at home, but do not attach historical value to them. In the future, the created collection will help bring the specific atmosphere of past decades closer to the younger generation that did not experience it.

We are mainly looking for these items or unique items that are not listed:

All period items or packaging in good condition


Furniture (armchairs, chairs, bunk beds, bedroom equipment, children's room, living room, kitchen)

Electrical appliances (washing machines, bread slicers, hair dryers, robots, vacuum cleaners, curling irons, cookers, irons, knitting machines, dishwashers, radios, televisions, mountain sun, lamps, immersion cookers, stoves)

Period photographs (scan or can be sent by post or brought in person)

Post office and offices (telephone directory, stamps)

School (school supplies, school equipment, blackboards, benches, chairs)

Collectibles (all collections from the 70s-80s)

Shopping (bags, money, leaflets, price tags, promotional items)

Apartment equipment (furniture, lighting, decoration, flower pots, paintings, equipment)

Leisure time (sports, camping, cottages, entertainment, dancing)

Home art (knitting, DIY)

Technology (cameras, clocks, alarm clocks)

Kitchen equipment (porcelain, tablecloths, curtains, tables, chairs, dish rack, cutlery, ladles, glasses, pots, siphon bottles)

Sport (sports accessories, clothing, golf)

Posters (advertising, film)

Fashion, clothing, textiles, shoes, accessories (bijouterie, wigs, cosmetics packaging, perfumes)

Companies and national companies (logos, banners, promotional items, equipment)

Significant anniversaries (flags, badges, diplomas awards, cups)

Food (original packaging) - we are mainly interested in boxes and boxes from food and confectionery, such as collections, candy boxes, chocolate packaging, etc.

Important personalities (any materials, photos, certificates, letters, OP, marriage certificates, exit clauses)

Tuzex (product packaging, currency)

Employers (contracts, payslips, work regulations, technical devices)

Film, music and advertising (records, covers, film props)

Transport (tickets, timetables, passes, guide aids)

Healthcare (prescriptions, drugs, medical devices)

Art (porcelain, textiles, bijouterie, jewelry, glass, fine art)



Beer and alcohol



If you have treasures from this period at home that were not easy, you can join the collection and thus participate in the creation of the next retro exhibition and the preservation of the genius loci for future generations. Just send a photo of the subject to and we will get back to you.


The closing date of the collection is extended to 31 December 2023.


Photographs of items for donation or period photographs can be sent to the email address or call +420 773 207 330 from 10:00 to 17:00.

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