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The Art Salon S association made the whole project. The association supports art and prepares exhibitions for a wide range of visitors loving arts. In the years 2016–2017, we organized the exhibition "Retro 70's and 80's"  in our Gallery of the Dancing House, which was a huge success, which led us to the plan to open the entire Retro Museum in Prague.

We are collectors and supporters of Czechoslovak design from the 70's and 80's. During over the past five years, we have attended auctions, contacted various associations and also published a collection of design items from this period. We gathered impressive 12,000 exhibits. Twelve thousand pieces of history that should not be lost, because they contain fragments of memories of everyone who experienced this time. We registered all items, stripped them dust and those that needed to be repaired or restored, we brought to life again.


Art Salon S was founded in 2014 and consists of several permanent members.

The chairman of the association is Robert Vůjtek, who ensures the financing and overall operation of the association. He is also involved in the solution of the various “intrigues“ of the administration.

The main curator is Jana Sommerová, who is garding primarily the content of the exhibition. She is the author of exhibitions that were among the ten best of the individual years according to the Association of Museums and Galleries in the Czech Republic, for example "Večerníček Celebrates the 50s Anniversary" at Prague Castle, the jubilee exhibition "Josef Lada", "Cinderella" in Moritzburg, Germany or the jubilee exhibition "Brothers in a T-shirt". Professionally, even in her leisure time she devotes herself to clothing, costumes, design and (their) history. Due to her education of a special pedagogue, she can also give our expositions another dimension - they are interactive, fun and educational at the same time.

The co - author of the museum is Naďa Klempířová, who focuses on clothing design more than 20 years. Her main goal is to give the individual exhibits the greatest possible authenticity.

We have forty successful exhibitions in Prague and the rest of the Chech Republic. We introduced  period artifacts to people, such as "Retro Toys under the Socialism", "Retro Winter under the Socialism" or "Retro Cinema", we organized a retrospective exhibition of Bořek Šípek, the exhibition "Memories" by Robert Vano or several exhibitions of Kája Saudek.

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